The Farmers and Apprentices

john-porter-tractorJohn Davis has been learning to farm and/or farming for the last nine years.  After leaving a corporate job in Atlanta to obtain a Masters of Arts in Theology, John discovered and focused his studies on sustainable agriculture and theology.  He loves working amongst nature and feeling closely linked to the soil and the cosmos through his work.  John worked at Serenbe Farms for two seasons and also apprenticed at Truly Living Well.  He has also worked closely with Tony and Linda Scharko at Scharko Farms  and is truly grateful for the all help and education he’s received from these farmers and the surrounding farming community.  He started Cosmos Organic Farm officially in 2011.


Kimberly Koogler has been at Cosmos with John now for three years.  Kimberly came to Cosmos by way of a farm called Earth Dance in Minnesota, where she had apprenticed a full season in 2014.  Before that, she worked at farms in Tuscon, Arizona where she also ran a garden for “The Garden Kitchen.”   After apprenticing here in 2015, Kimberly became the CSA manager, which is now growing strong and has doubled in size over the last two years.  She is also in charge of most of our seven farmers markets.  Kimberly is extremely reliable, hard working, organized, and a pleasure to be around.


Meet Christopher Horacek.  Christopher is lucky enough to be Cosmos’ 2014 apprentice.  Really, we are lucky to have Christopher!!  This hard-working young man is a college student currently attending Georgia State University. He has a deep passion for sustainable agriculture, local food and farmers, and nourishing the local community. “I love cycling around the city, foraging wild edibles, playing the banjo, and hanging out with my rabbit, Henry David.”  Christopher wants to learn more about farming so he can start his own homestead.









Meet another 2015 apprentice, Tim Hayes… Tim came to us from Atlanta, where he had been working in restaurants and for a local store called Farmer D’s. Tim has a strong background in science, has strong primitive gathering skills, and is a member of the Georgia Native Plant Society. He has amazing knowledge about native plants to our area. Tim also has strong herbal medicinal knowledge and is fond of making different tinctures. He has also been quite a workhorse! Always taking on the most physical farm tasks with ease! Tim is now located just north of us where he started his own business: Hearthfire Farm and Nursery, where he is making and selling different herbal tea mixes, among other things…

Pucker up!










Meet 2016 apprentice Alex Johnson…Alex came to us from up state New York with a degree in Agricultural Business Management. Alex was a great team player with an outstanding work ethic. After a successful season at Cosmos, Alex took a position managing Burge Organic Farm, a certified organic farm in eastern Georgia. Go Alex!

John, Alex, and Kimberly










Meet 2017 apprentice Vitaliy Semenikhin…aka ‘the cleaner.’ Vitaliy has been a huge part of the success of the 2017 season.  After leaving Georgia Tech, Vitaliy came from his own HVAC business where he partnered with his brother. Working at a tremendous pace, and picking up farming skills like a fish to water, Vitaliy also brought a number and depth of other skills to the farm which has had a big impact. He has taken on projects to redesign and build our wash station, turn our camper into a Tiny Home, repaired refrigeration units, among other things. We are happy that Vitaliy has also decided to stay on to develop and manage a wholesale side of the business as well as help manage new apprentices.

Vitaliy the beekeeper