Welcome to Cosmos Organic Farm

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Cosmos Organic Farm is a 13-acre urban farm located in East Point, Ga. (in the southwest corner of Atlanta). The farm has been owned by one East Point family for nearly a century, and is still owned by them.  Farmer John came along and started working it in 2011.  John began his work on the shoulders of the previous farmer and is striving towards bringing the land back into a healthy farming condition. Cosmos Organic Farm focuses on growing top quality, sustainably grown vegetables, herbs, flowers, and mushrooms to sell to Atlanta consumers primarily through farmers markets and at various restaurants in the Atlanta area.


Sustainable Practices

Cosmos Organic Farm uses sustainable practices and organic farming techniques in order to keep the land and community healthy now and into the future.





Some examples of sustainable/organic practices we use: cover cropping, crop rotation, minimal tilling, composting, integrated pest management, diversity in crops, drip irrigating with well water, and rotating fallow sections of land. Fertilizers used are only OMRI/Organically approved fertilizers.