Welcome to Cosmos Organic Farm

Cosmos Organic Farm is a 30 acre vegetable farm located about five miles outside of Carrollton, GA. We cultivate more than six acres in a diverse array of vegetables primarily for farmers markets in Atlanta, but also for restaurants and wholesale. We also grow some cut flowers, herbs, and shiitake mushrooms and now raise bees for honey. Cosmos officially started in 2011 and has been fortunate enough to continue grow every year since. We use sustainable practices to grow vegetables in order to do our part in keeping the land, ourselves, and the community healthy…as this is all we have!


Sustainable Practices

IMG_1154Cosmos uses a number of sustainable and organic farming techniques to produce tasty food. Here are some examples: cover cropping, crop rotation, minimal tilling, composting, integrated pest management, diversity in crops, drip irrigating with well water, and rotating fallow sections of land. Fertilizers used are only OMRI/Organically approved fertilizers.